Projects and coördination


There are many projects going on, and different parts of the garden are overseen by different people. These people are mostly the core-group of volunteers of the garden. If you would like to know more about specific parts of the garden you can review this list to know who best to contact. If you do not find what you are looking for in this list, then Ichsani and Matthijs will surely be able to answer you, send your question to or come by on a work day (see ‘Participate!’).
If you think that we do not need more people after looking at this list, that
is not the case! We can always use more hands, insights and new ideas! Also we
have an enormous list of aspirations for which we haven’t had the time yet, for
this view ‘Future Projects‘ for some of our ideas. Or simply come by to talk to us on a work day (see ‘Participate‘)!! 

Coördinators: Ichsani, Matthijs, Allan and Jan

Subsidies, money:

Website/promotion: Allan, Matthijs

Chickens: Lisa,

Aquaponics: Ichsani

Food Forest: Ichsani,

Flowers: Daniël van der Velden

Integrating individual
projects: Matthijs

Hops: Matthijs

Park Infrastructure and Maintenance: Jan