Would you like to participate in the Creative Garden Wageningen? Come along on a regular working day, become a member, and/or donate materials!

Regular working days: Every week we have working days at the Creative Garden. What we do will vary with the host and what needs doing. It will vary from weeding, sowing, harvesting to building, preparing events, relaxing, music sessions and maintaining the wider garden. We generally bring potluck snacks to share… else people cook for each other using the ovens. What we will work on will be announced via our Facebook page.

Always every Sunday 11:00 – 16:00, and in spring and summer also Wednesdays and Saturdays 11:00
– 16:00 (check facebook discussion for confirmation here).

Donations: As a community project we are always looking for materials! Would you like to donate materials? Do you know places or people where to find (cheap) materials that we can use in our projects? Please send us an e-mail at or
come along at a working day.

Membership: Are
you interested in a membership? This is the price
 of the different
kinds of memberships: The financial contribution by members enables the
coördinators to buy tools, construction materials, seeds and plants, so you can
just do whatever you do best.

– Friend of the garden (basic): €20
The basic membership: this grants you one ‘park share’ to work or relax in the garden at any time according to our use agreement with de Hoge Born, use the outdoor kitchen and share in common harvest (herbs and sometimes leftovers from the communal garden or forest garden). For this we expect to see you attend group working ~once per month to maintain & improve the space (or other tasks). You will also get a discount for pizza parties and workshops!

– Communal garden: Basic + €25
This addition grants you access to harvest from the communal garden, the forest garden and the vegetables from the aquaponics (when finished), on the prerequisite that you weed, till, sow etc to the plan and otherwise help maintain garden productivity. As with a basic membership, we'd like to see you work on the common park ~once per month.

– Private plot (±16 m²): Basic + €25
This addition get you your own private plot in the garden (limited numbers!).
We still need to reconstruct these plots first, with your help. You can share
in the seeds provided or get your own. As with a basic membership, we’d like to
see you work on the common park ~once per month.