We garden. We plan, we design, we build and we have fun doing it. We recycle materials, swap stories and share lunch on working days. Everyone is welcome and invited to come on work days, pizza parties and courses!

The group began in 2014 – in an underused and beautifully landscaped healing garden belonging to de Hoge Born. The vision is to facilitate an inclusive teaching and learning space with a focus on enjoying the garden and experimenting with urban agriculture over the next 15 years – right here.

It’s early days but we’re busy making a shared experimental garden to explore different practical ideas, grow stuff and learn from each other. If you enjoy gardening, chickens, bees or just practical work and want to build something big – then this is the place for you.

We look for great ideas to test out. Even more so, we look for boots on the ground to test ideas with us!

This is not just a place for students and staff of the university – if you are a local we *especially* want you! We need local continuity to keep the dream alive over the years to come.

Everyone is welcome!